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I can do damn near anything on the computer when it comes to images, but ask me to reliably click a little button that says “blog” and it’s beyond me more often than I care to admit. for some dumb reason I have this site set to keep all posts private unless I categorize them by checking that one little box.

Sean Server by David Bickley Photography

Five years writing this thing and that’s still an issue. Not surprising considering that I’ve been a photographer for way longer than that and still forget the lens cap 90% of the time. Can you develop ADHD as an adult? Is that even relevant to what I’m talking about?

Regardless, sorry for those of you that looked for a post yesterday and found nothing. It seems to be happening exponentially more lately (not forgetting stuff, but general site issues) which makes me think that one of the plugins pertaining to syndication is on the fritz again. That’s what I get for continuing to do my own web work rather than outsource it.

See you tomorrow,