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Had a bit of an unexpected obstacle today when our service provider apparently switched over to IPv6. It’s all a bit techy but basically the change basically meant that until I upgraded some things on my site I couldn’t get in to post because the server didn’t know my computer anymore.

Kansas City Symphony Chorus by David Bickley Photography

Anyway, it took a bit to get worked out but I’m back to being able to log in again and all is well.

Tomorrow is the midnight showing of The Hobbit! The rumor I’ve heard is that for some reason this story is split up into 3 movies. That makes absolutely no sense to me since the book is about a third of the size of Lord of the Rings. I’m hoping the rumor is wrong but regardless I’m sure it’ll be a good time. I enjoyed that book far more than LoTR anyway but, everything pales in comparison to A Song of Fire and Ice (the Game of Thrones series). Yes, even taking into consideration that the series may never be completed. Here’s hoping that it eventually is though…no matter how long it takes.

See you tomorrow,