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It’s official, I’m going to build a darkroom into the studio. If I even remember how.

Leica M3 by David Bickley Photography

We have an unused room that needs some tlc and it’s begging to be repurposed for film. It’s funny to me how cyclical things are. Even before the new addition to my camera family I had already been longing to move back into film at least for personal work. I wouldn’t ever…couldn’t ever move completely out of digital. I love it in a different way than film and of course, I just wouldn’t be able to run my business at an effective level without digital. I’ve been shooting digital basically exclusively since I was fresh out of high school and was thrilled to be out of film (I still can’t stand the chemical smell). Yet now I’m excited to get back to it. As much as I love digital, I love the feeling of watching an image that you’ve seen in your mind (but not in reality) slowly materialize onto some paper.

It’s still a ways off, but I’m really looking forward to this. Can you tell?

See you tomorrow,