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It feels good to be home for a day, and I have a solid 8 hours before I have anything else to do!

Kansas City Symphony by David Bickley Photography

I’m opting to spend a little of that time checking out Rocksmith 2014, and so far it seems pretty cool. Like a clever cross between rhythm gaming and actual musical instruction. It’s a little weird to get used to at first despite the fact that I’m pretty familiar with my guitars. What throws you off is the way they display what you are supposed to play. It’s not music notation or even tablature. Truthfully since I’ve only ever played guitar hero once I don’t even know what to call how they tell you what to play…but it’s like that.

To reiterate, it’s weird to me. The process is fun though. So far I think the coolest part of it is the AI band you can have accompany you when you just want to play off the cuff. It is fully customizable and actually surprisingly good at playing based on what you choose to do. Not to mention that I don’t have to follow any weird bars, I can just play.

I’ll keep trying to get used to it.

See you tomorrow,