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Great shoot today with aspiring model Jason.

Jason by David Bickley Photography

I love doing portfolio development sessions. By that I mean when a model comes to me to revamp their book. Getting to sit down with them and look at where they are vs. where they are going makes things so much more effective. Shooting with photographers arbitrarily to add images to a portfolio is one thing. Hiring one that knows what agencies are looking for and will build something designed to bring you more work is completely different. It becomes about building yourself as a brand, and a focused one at that. When I get clients that understand and embrace that fact, it’s amazing. Modeling is a business and that means that if you want to be a model…you want to be your own company. That may seem strange to think about for some, but I promise it’s true. It’s not too much different from what photographers are.

I am my company, I am my brand. As such, everything I do either builds or tears down my company even if I am the only one on staff. When a model shifts from the mentality of “I want to be in magazines” to “I want to be someone every company wants to pay to use” that’s when things begin to change for them, and almost always for the better. Solid goals and an understanding of what it takes to get there…that’s the piece I see missing from a lot of talent. Great models know that there is far more to the business than being pretty.

There are plenty of pretty people in the world. What makes you better?

See you tomorrow,