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Such a dilemma. The shoot today went exactly awesome but, I don’t want to reveal any piece of it until the whole is done. It’s a series, and I’m not sure that my usual trickle method of releasing images is the best for this.

Scott by David Bickley Photography

Of course I’m still debating on that one and will probably see-saw on it a few more times but whatever. It’s still cool. A random headshot from today will do the trick for now. I do need to take a minute to give credit to everyone involved today though. Scott and Colton from Manifest Talent, and Kat from Major did a crazy amazing job as models/actors. Anna did an amazing job styling the wardrobe and overall environment, and Heidi as usual did exactly what I would expect from one of the best makeup artists/hair stylists in the region. I don’t really have the words to express how incredible everyone did, and how absolutely essential they all were.

I can’t wait to release the series.

See you tomorrow,