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I need to know if I’m alone in this or not, and I should warn you it seems pretty dumb to me. However, I’m guilty and I need to know who is with me.

Jason by David Bickley Photography

Think about your favorite pair of “nice” shoes. How often do you wear them? I’m not talking about the pair that you wear all over because they are so comfortable. I’m talking about the pair that you probably shouldn’t have bought, but you did anyway. The pair that you would wear all the time, if only they wouldn’t possibly be ruined. Maybe you’re the kind of person whose favorite “nice” pair and favorite “every day” pair are the same. That’s not me. Oddly enough I never really thought I’d be a shoe person in the first place. We didn’t have a lot of money when I was a kid so Payless was where we shopped and they weren’t really the pinnacle of style. As an adult though I began to importance of good shoes, not just from a stylistic standpoint but from the perspective of quality as well.

I learned very quickly that for men, a well built shoe could outlast it’s owner. We just take care of them and resole them every so often. Not too hard, especially not considering that classic male footwear isn’t changing any time soon and a solid classic is always in style.

Yet even with the knowledge that they would last, I can’t break the mindset of my past experiences. I have always been very hard on my feet, and as a result the low quality shoes of my childhood rarely lasted long. That wasn’t too terrible given that I only wore shoes when I had to anyway. I loved, and still would prefer to be barefoot. Back to the point though. Because those shoes never lasted, I have this belief in my mind that what I have now won’t last either. Despite the proof to the contrary.

So here’s the point. It’s not a dress shoe thing, those are ok I guess. I’m a boot guy. No, not cowboy boots. I know I grew up in Kansas but contrary to popular belief you can live here and not like cowboy boots. The same does not apply to BBQ, sorry. No, I like a solid casual boot, and if it can double as a good work boot that’s even better. My personal favorite that are at least decently affordable are Wolverine’s 1000 mile boot, the unaffordable ones would be Edward Greene’s Galway but that’s beside the point. I have a few Wolverines, but I never wear my favorite pair cause for some dumb reason I don’t want to ruin them. However, wearing shoes is what creates their eventual character…oh and they are named the “1,000 mile” boot because they last that long. So why worry?

It’s a stupid dilemma, but I feel like I have to know if I’m alone here.

Yet, after rereading all of that…please pay no attention to my first world problems. Ugh.

See you tomorrow,