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Figures that my entire question yesterday would go unnoticed thanks to a moody syncing plugin. Anyway. Two realizations just struck.

Jason by David Bickley Photography

The first is that I leave for LA on Sunday at basically dawn, and at the moment I don’t even know how to spell “packing.” I was going to be funny and draw a little arrow in parentheses signaling to the dumb, corny joke. Then it looked weird and sorta vulgar so I abandoned that.

The second is that in four days I roll over into another year of the “Daily Photo” posts. I think I’m closing out the 5th year? Maybe I’m starting the 5th. I have no idea. The point is that every so often, be it while you’re on the toilet (yep, I mentioned it again sir.) or as a random distraction at the office…you’ve taken time out to see what I’m up to and what random things are on my mind. Maybe you’ve just stumbled across this, or you’ve been with all along. Either of those or in between I really appreciate it.

It seems so…inaccurate to leave it at that. Appreciation isn’t what I feel when someone I meet mentions that they follow my work. It doesn’t do justice to how incredibly flattering it is to have a middle school student email me asking how to become a photographer. You guys are incredible, and I should be thanking you for turning a personal exercise in personal discipline into something so much more fulfilling.

Thank you.

All of what I just said would be much more appropriate in 4 days but, it’s on my mind now. Get over it, it probably won’t sync to a social media system anyway. As with yesterday, feel free to ignore the first world problems.

See you tomorrow,