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I’m home again after what is easily the shortest trip I’ve ever taken, but man what an awesome opportunity to be there for a friend. I realized earlier that I never really explained the purpose behind going.

Engagement Photo by David Bickley Photography

See, I made this promise to my friend Lisa something like a decade ago that when she got engaged, no matter where she lived, I would come take her engagement photos. Even her wedding photos if she wanted me to. So this past weekend I got to make good on that promise. There were a few moments when via either scheduling or other circumstances we both thought it might not be possible, but obviously it all worked out. I’ve mentioned a few times recently how blessed I feel when I get the opportunity to help and/or be there for someone I care about and this is a shining example of one of those times. Not only did I get to see a friend I haven’t seen in a couple years, but I also got to finally meet the man that is so important to her. Plus the beauty of getting away from icy weather for a few days. It was just amazing all around.

So thank you again to Lisa and Rus for allowing me to create your images.

See you tomorrow,