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In conjunction with what I said yesterday, it seemed like a good idea to explain part of where my writing efforts go. That way if you want to read something worthwhile from me, you know where to go.

Engagement Photo by David Bickley Photography

Guest writing for blogs or educational articles has been something of a hobby for many years, but around this time last year I became a staff writer for Fstoppers. This means that a lot of the informative pieces that I put together actually go to them. Many of the pieces I write for them center around general business and financial advice for the creative. It is a subject that I feel is unfortunately ignored by a majority of photographers and videographers. These things are so important in my opinion, that they can’t be written arbitrarily. A lot of time goes into making sure that what I’m saying not only sound advice, but also extremely current.

If you are either a photographer or videographer and don’t already know about Fstoppers. You need to make that site a part of your daily reading. We have an incredibly talented team of writers that are also exceptional photographers. If you want to be inspired, that’s the place to go.

See you tomorrow,