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Every time I think for a second that the freezing cold randomness here is over, it turns out that I’m super wrong.

Engagement Photo by David Bickley Photography

I realize that conversations about “the weather” are pretty much the baseline standard for “I don’t have anything else to say to you” in normal conversation. However, this is something that actually matters to me and is a constant downer. You would think that by now I would have come to terms with the psychotic nature of Midwest weather patterns, but no. In fact (and I say this often) it really makes me wonder if I got into the right line of work. Think about it, what job could you possibly have where you can be just flat out wrong like 80% of the time, and still keep said job?

The answer?

A meterologist in Kansas City. I actually think that the only way you could reliably predict what would happen here is if you ignored logic and simply went with the most ridiculous idea that comes to mind. It’s going to rain skittles tomorrow? Well, quite frankly it seems more likely than the “heat wave” you just said was coming…while something like a half inch of freezing rain just fell in 30 minutes. I have no doubt that this science works reliably in well, probably every other place on Earth. Just not here buddy. Your meteorological laws mean nothing to us!

Neither do any of your other “progressive” efforts for that matter. Kansas don’t care!

Man I need to move.

See you tomorrow,