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I wish I could remember which restaurant today’s image was from, but I have no idea. All I know is that it was delicious.

Something that was probably breakfast - By David Bickley Photography

Outside of my foodie-ness though I guess I should probably address how right the meteorologists were about the snow. It’s a little ridiculous outside. All of my appointments for today and tomorrow have been canceled, and possibly for Thursday as well. Though that one still remains to be seen. The upside to the snow though? Loni got an extra day off and we used it to finally finish Dexter. In hindsight, we probably should have stopped a couple of seasons ago. I still think it was a great series, but I definitely think it lost it’s momentum. I love what they did with the character development across the board. Why then am I a bit disappointed? I guess in a way it felt rushed. Like maybe the writers just didn’t have the time or freedom they enjoyed in the previous seasons.

Yeah, I realize that I’m coming into the discussion on “Dexter” way after the fact, that’s just how it goes. The same thing will probably happen with Breaking Bad. Just not with Game of Thrones…and that’s only because I’ve read them all already. Had before there was even a show to talk about, so for now there really isn’t a way for me to fall behind. Unless HBO starts making big changes to the story, which is always possible.

See you tomorrow,