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Sorry for the way late post tonight guys. Been out working, consulting, developing, and conquering all day long. In fact, I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve actually been home since about 10:30am. Makes it a bit difficult to finish working on the series I really want to release. I can’t complain though cause being this busy is always a good thing.

Engagement Photo by David Bickley Photography

Then there’s the fact that I’m still not entirely sure how I want to release the series. It’s meant to be viewed all at once but, on some of the sites that I’ll post to it may be difficult to view the full panel. So in essence the extra time I have to let that marinate a bit is very helpful. Either way my goal is to have SOMETHING up by Saturday so I’m sure I’ll have it mentally resolved by then. Especially now that I said it.

See you tomorrow,