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Well it’s done! Also managed to land on a solution that I think fits the bill for everything I wanted to accomplish. I’m going to start you blog readers off with the first image, but at the end is a link to the rest of the story.


For those of you on facebook, instead of posting in the normal “daily photographer” gallery I’ve made a new gallery for the series called “Between Brothers.” You’ll have to go there to see the whole thing on Facebook. I need to say a huge thank you to my favorite makeup artist Heidi Bowles for working so hard on this with me, and obviously our models Colten, Scott and Kat for doing such an amazing job in the freezing cold. Also to everyone I bugged about just how to lay this thing out. I still plan on releasing it to the iPad app StoreHouse since it’s pretty much made for stuff like this. For now though, I’m wiped.

The rest of the story is under the “Personal Work” section of this site.

Or you can just click here.

See you tomorrow,