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Got some cool news today. Maybe you remember a little while back when I mentioned that one of my other “projects” was the start of a game company?

Corporate Portraiture by David Bickley Photography

Well, while we still aren’t at the point where I can show you much about it (saving that for the Kickstarter launch) we have still managed to make something compelling enough that our first big investment offer came in today. That’s after only a month of work. I’ve mentioned here and there that the other thing I do with my time is consult with entrepreneurs via BetaBlox, a start-up incubator that I’m a founding partner in. Our applicants work incredibly hard to take our advice to heart and implement it, however sometimes it’s difficult to communicate just how well the methods we teach actually work. Until something like this happens and you can show that not only is it possible to go from zero to cash in a short time, but it can happen even in an industry that is generally difficult to raise capital in.

So why then if there are already investment dollars coming in would we still want to launch a Kickstarter campaign? Because it is a great way to build a presence, and because crowd funding is something we believe in wholeheartedly.

There is still a ton of work to be done of course, but soon enough we will have a finished product to show off and I’m pumped. Not to mention incredibly thankful for the incredibly talented team we have on this.

But aren’t you a photographer David?

Yes of course, and that will never change. However, I love helping other entrepreneurs, and I love developing awesome/fun ideas. So why not do it all?

See you tomorrow,