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Guys, it’s been a day. Aside from putting in what was pretty much a fourteen hour day, well, let’s just say it’s been a different one.

Corporate Portraiture by David Bickley Photography

I can’t even really cap it at fourteen hours either cause I’m still going and probably have another one to two before I’m wrapped up. To the positive side of things, the alarm company is coming in tomorrow to hopefully fix our overzealous system for good. The game is also progressing beautifully too. I’m incredibly pleased with how well my team and I are producing, and everyone that has helped us tested has given us some truly incredible compliments. These guys are in some cases legitimate career gamers too so getting that kind of feedback is mind blowing. My hope is that we get to a point where it is ready to be illustrated and prototyped very soon. My gut says we are still at least a month out from being able to consider that…but even that timeline is astounding. To be fair, we are of course standing on the shoulders of giants. Without having spent a ton of time playing innovative games we wouldn’t have had any idea of what worked and what didn’t.

Getting this to a point were our illustrations are the biggest piece left will be awesome in more ways than one. I know our illustrator would disagree but I know the workload will lessen tremendously for me and just in time too. My busiest season is right around the corner and I have a lot to prepare for. That’s not even including the three other businesses that I haven’t been able to devote a ton of time to.

2014 is shaping up to be one of those life defining years in a myriad of ways.

I know I sound overextended, and I am…but I’m loving it.

See you tomorrow,