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Too many men die pregnant with great dreams. That’s what I heard today. How powerful is that one? Even when I think of how much I do day to day, that statement makes me feel a little like my attention isn’t quite focused on the right thing. Especially considering the notebooks full of ideas and projects I want to get done. It’s heavy, and inspiring.

Phosphor by David Bickley Photography

Today’s image was a completely different direction than the previous two. Outside of that completely obvious statement I don’t really know how else to explain. We wanted to take a more “night out” approach while still keeping it classy and focused. The led to using a bit of motion in the photo itself as well as some added graphical elements. Color was a pretty clear necessity here as well. Black and white, as much as I love it, just isn’t a great fit when the mood calls for something vibrant.

See you tomorrow,