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Oh man it’s close! You know I care about a project when I seek the opinions of my peers throughout the process. Normally (and this sounds terrible) I go off of what I think looks good and that’s it. However, on something as involved as this it’s very easy to be too close to a piece and miss important details. It’s time like this when I’m incredibly grateful to know so many prominent artists that can give me more than “that looks good” or “something isn’t right.”

Behind the Scenes

There is also the fact that despite my 20+ years in digital imaging, I’m not perfect. I know, I know…I’m shocked too. It’s true though, especially when as a rule I try not to retouch much at all. So when a project comes along that requires me to use skills I haven’t practiced with in a long time…well, you get the point. Nevertheless, none of this makes much sense without an image to accompany it. I promise you won’t have to wait much longer.

See you tomorrow,