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She’s ready!

Maleficent by David Bickley Photography

Part of me is a little bummed that I wasn’t able to get this 2 year old idea produced until after they announced the movie about the character. However, regardless of that, the first image from my vision of Maleficent is done! For those of you who aren’t familiar with the character, she is the villain from Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty.” I chose her because she is quite simply the scariest Disney villain ever created. In my opinion anyway. There are a bunch more images from the series to come but, I can’t say what kind of timeline we are looking at. I have at least 3 other sets of images to send out so it may be a few days before the next one of these. Then again, I don’t sleep much so I may be completely wrong. Either way, I need to thank Heidi for the awesome makeup and headpiece, and Taylor for being an amazing model (and only 16). We were given a beautiful dress to work with as well which I will tell you more about when you can actually see it in the image.

See you tomorrow,