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Had an awesome session with a local personal trainer today. Fitness season is upon us and I’m beyond ready for it. This is probably my favorite time of year work-wise. Not because of the fact that fitness photography is basically my entire career, though that would be a decent reason.

Melanie by David Bickley Photography

It has more to do with how completely inspired I feel hearing all of the stories about life change that my clients bring with them. Short of being a personal trainer myself I can’t think of another way I could be exposed to so many transformations. Not just physically either, but on the whole. Generally speaking I come in at the tail end of the journey, but I still get to take part in the raw emotions they feel when seeing themselves on the back of the camera. Being allowed to take even a small part in that story is an honor I can’t even put into words.

All I can really do is say thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to each of you that have…or will come to me to capture the person you’ve worked so hard to become.

Thank you.

See you tomorrow,