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I love days like today. Despite having to move something like a thousand pounds of conference tables.

Sunset at the Kauffman Center by David Bickley Photography

If you’ve followed me for any amount of time you have probably heard me talk about how blessed I feel to be able to be there for the people I care about. Well, I was given the opportunity again today in several different ways, and for several different people. Not to mention the conversation I was able to have yesterday among brothers of divergent faiths. One of the things I cherish most is the opportunity to learn about, and talk about beliefs outside of my own. Like I said yesterday, learning is one of my passions, and being able to discuss (without motive or agenda) the differences and similarities in beliefs…well that’s about as good as it gets in my opinion. Especially when two cultures can find common ground rather than stances on why the other is wrong. Without turning a blog that should be about photography (yet never really is) into a forum for religious debate…all I can really say is that I have tremendous respect and thanks for those that can approach faith with less pride and more openness. After all, the pursuit of holiness is far more important than the debate of who has the proper definition. The path is narrow for us all. We are all fallible and all we end up truly arguing about is who is less wrong.

What you say you believe means little unless you live by it.

Oh yeah….Photography!

See you tomorrow,