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We went to see Noah tonight and I’m left a bit confused. Nowhere in the story of Noah, or even in the predating Epic of Gilgamesh (from which the story is derived), does it ever mention a giant battle. Granted, flood myths are present in striking similarity among plenty of ancient cultures but, I don’t remember one with a war of any size.

Scott by David Bickley Photography

Somewhere in the film are the pieces of the story that actually matter. However, the pieces that were added for the sake of entertainment may not have been the best choices. The rock giants are a piece I could really care less about. There are plenty of legends of giants in the ancient world, and not many detailed descriptions of them. Who knows…maybe they were sentient rocks? My only actual gripe is that the message of faith and salvation seemed to be lost in the general “Hollywood” of it all. Naturally there is a disclaimer at the beginning stating it is a film “based on the story of Noah.” So with that out of the way they’re all set.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad movie. It’s just that if you’re familiar with the story beyond “once there was a big ol’ flood” you’re going to find yourself asking where some scene ideas could have possibly come from.

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