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I have no idea what is going on, but for some reason I’ve getting beard compliments with increasing frequency.


It makes no sense! I’ve had a beard since I could grow one, even when it was patchy and stupid looking. In fact, the only times I ever shaved were for Halloween so I could do the SFX stuff I love (and because me without facial hair is terrifying anyway). Now over the last month I’ve gotten at least 4 “I like your beard” and one “nice beard bro.” I even had one person whom I’ve known for at least a year ask me when I grew one out. I had one when I met him, and every time I’ve seen him since! What!? Oh, and I got called trendy. I’m officially weirded out. In no plane of existence am I trendy, which is sad but so very true.

This is all very confusing.

See you tomorrow,