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I need to give thanks today for how incredibly blessed I’ve been to work in my field. Specifically the fitness niche of photography. I can’t imagine another genre that could be so consistently inspiring to me.


What about cancer patients, or animals, or etc? Right? Yeah I know, but consider for a second that many of my clients have overcome major obstacles to transform the way they have. Maybe that was a major disease, a divorce, or the loss of a child…there is almost always a profound reason. I was reflecting a bit, before I started writing this, on some of the journeys people have relayed to me over the years. In doing that it dawned on me there isn’t a single excuse I could come up with that one of these people haven’t just smashed into pieces. My whining if I have to go to the gym before 10am seems so moronic in the face of the accomplishments of the people I work with daily.

It’s incredible. To have constant, and constantly different examples of overcoming limitations and achieving goals…talk about a blessed life. Not only do I get to draw motivation from them, I get to capture them too.

So awesome.

See you tomorrow,