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I know I’ve been quiet for most of the past few weeks, there is a lot going on that I have to be very focused for. Like the WBFF show tomorrow, which I have the honor of being involved in again this year! Over the past few weeks I’ve been in prep mode so I can make sure my coverage of the event is as seamless as humanly possible. Every year I do my best to streamline the process so everyone involved receives their images faster than anyone else can deliver. Why? I don’t know, I might be a little competitive.

Blaine by David Bickley Photography

There are actually quite a few things to talk about, but it can’t be done tonight. There is still a hefty amount of work in front of me before the show tomorrow. I’ll be sure to update you soon though.

To all the competitors stepping on the stage this weekend, good luck…and have a blast!

See you tomorrow,