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I haven’t had a lot of time to really say much lately, but now I sort of do so I’ll give you a bit of an update. And it just occurred to me that I’ve chosen to post a photo of alcohol with this update. That’s purely coincidence.


Loni and I are finally all moved in to our new place, and it’s amazing. I’d say it’s 90% of the way to the kind of place I’ve always wanted to live in. Once we get completely settled I’m sure I’ll put up some photos, but fore now there are still a lot of things to unpack. On the photography side of things I’ve been fairly slammed and am almost back to being caught up. This week marked a big milestone for a project that has taken nearly all of my attention and time. The client’s product is slated to launch around the holiday season so I’ll be sure to let you know when it does. I think you probably know by now that I can’t really say much more until my clients are ready for the attention.

You probably have noticed some wedding images going up over the past few days. About a decade ago I promised a good friend that when she got married I would shoot her wedding. That day came and I spent last weekend in Los Angeles capturing that for her. It was a life changing moment to say the least.

Now I’m home again and working to get back on top of the things I’ve let fall to the wayside in all the chaos.

I’m hoping that by tomorrow the task list will be done. If your images are still pending, they will be out by the end of the week!

See you tomorrow,