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I know I haven’t been writing on here much for some time. There are a few reasons behind the decision. I can’t quite remember if I really elaborated on my thoughts behind it before but I do want to get you in the loop if I haven’t. Nothing bad is going on at all, first and foremost. Everything over here is actually pretty stellar. I mentioned briefly that Loni and I are engaged now. That’s a bit of a big deal, yeah? But yeah, so the writing piece. The biggest reason is that the process of trying to find something even remotely interesting to say on a daily basis finally started to get in the way of things that I was being paid to write. I know, many of you are my clients as well. That’s actually a big part of why I haven’t just stopped the daily posts entirely. I hear from so many of you how much you love having a new image to look at every morning. I’m not interested in taking that away. I love you guys.


However, I needed to focus on creating something that would impact even more people than were reading this site. This is a huge challenge for me because deep down I really don’t like writing. However, I’ve felt that some very important things weren’t being said to an audience that needed to hear them. So, since by some weird cosmic joke the guy that doesn’t like to write has now been writing for for something like 2 years…I decided to work on it myself.

I’m now four serious articles deep into the series I’m developing and the response has been amazing. I’m flabbergasted by it, which is a word I’ve never been.

All that said, I hope you understand that my verbal absence here hasn’t been any sort of bad omen. It’s almost like I have a word limit for the day and once I hit it…no more writing comes out. On top of that, I want to tell you guys cool stuff. Not things like “oh, yeah I sat at my desk all day and stared at the what has to be the oldest gnat in history.”

I swear this same stupid bug has buzzed around my eyeballs for three months straight, and no matter what I do I can’t kill it. They can’t possibly live that long. Can they? That would mean that in biological lifespan:size ratios, they are basically immortal.

Words or not…

See you tomorrow,