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Had a great shoot today at gym run by the former strength training coach for the Royals. We did some Yoga stuff, some headshots and some overall marketing work while I was there.

 Synergy Yoga by David Bickley Photography

How cool is that timing huh? Right as my home team is going to the world series for the first time since I was just over a year old, I get to hang out with a guy that has helped their players train to be the best they could be! Just awesome. Somewhere around this place I still have a ball signed by the 1985 World Series team too. I don’t even want to know what that could fetch on Ebay right now. I’ve had it since I was an infant, there’s no way I’m selling it anyway, so why even bother finding out the value? You know?

Oh also, I gave an interview a month or so ago and that’s due to go live tomorrow. It’s about the business of photography and stuff so when I have a link I’ll make sure you know about it! Just one of those things I’ve hinted at before and finally get to talk about. Plenty more to come too.

See you tomorrow,