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What can I say? She gets me.

Wolf Skull Cufflinks from Fire & Bone, by David Bickley Photography

After we came home from dinner this evening Loni quickly dove into handing me all of the birthday gifts she’s been chomping at the bit to give to me. Among all of the awesome and heartfelt things she found to surprise me with were the pair pictured above. I know it’s hard to tell from the image (I’ll take a better one later this week) but they are a pair of Grey Wolf skull cufflinks cast in (white) bronze. A winner on many levels. First, when I wear a button-down shirt it’s almost always french cuff. Those need cufflinks, and I kinda love cufflinks…they are a sadly forgotten accessory. Secondly, I have a thing for wolves…always have. They just resonate with me. Some of you may even recall my 4-legged companion from years back. As for the fact that they are skulls, well…I suppose we all have to remember we are mortal in one way or another. Right?

Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes. I’ll get back to each of you as soon as I can.

See you tomorrow,