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Two things today. First we’ll tackle the photo, which I’ve left without a watermark because it’s meant more for a commentary rather than a representation of my work.


There was a time in my life, or rather a time in music, where I actually liked rap. The “Run DMC Era,” or simply “the 80’s.” Maybe I’m actually an old man now, who knows…but I miss lyrics (in all music, mind you) that actually meant something. I miss performances that were about more than a bunch of off-key “artists” shouting about how much money they have…and will likely piss away when people stop caring. Rather than groups like “The Fugees” we are stuck with guys like Kanye and groups that perform via whatever Selfie-Show is going on above.

I would ask when art became about ego, but many including myself might respond by saying that in a way it always has been. An expression of the thought that our ideas are too great to let them go unexpressed to the world. More than anything, I just think it’s getting out of hand. If to be truly great means to also have humility…well, I think the mark is being missed a bit.

The second, and far less opinionated thing item, is that this site will be down off and on throughout the day. I will be working to change some things around and make various updates. In all likelihood this update will span a few days but the big changes should be finished in this first pass.

See you tomorrow,