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You may be wondering why I’d post 3 photos of the same brochure. I’m really just that proud to be a part of it, and honestly…I’m that impressed with the designer’s work on the piece. Really, I wish you could feel the stock this thing is printed on.

Bespoke Woodworks by David Bickley Photography

The brochure is thick despite being a “double gate” folded single sheet, and textured in a way that reminds me of running my hands over the very tables it showcases. I know it’s just the advertising/marketing side of me geeking out a bit but, when you think about creating an experience with your media…that kind of consideration is often overlooked despite it’s value. It’s one thing to elicit a feeling with a photograph. In fact, it’s not even all that difficult. Taking that feeling, and amplifying it once they pick up whatever collateral material it is…well, that’s something else entirely. Sadly I feel a bit like that scene in “American Psycho” where he freaks out about some other guy’s business card stock.

Actually, I can use that to better illustrate why something as simple as the paper stock can have a major impact.

Say you’ve just asked for someone’s business card. You’re interested in working with them and are planning on getting in touch pretty soon. What they hand you is a card printed on 40grit sandpaper. Where do you even put it? You’ll probably avoid whichever pocket you choose, and it will no doubt destroy any wallet in a hurry. Would you honestly even want to keep it?

What if it was on tissue paper? How does that change things?

I’m almost done with my soapbox here. I guess what it boils down to is that I love when a brand cares so much about how the customers experiences it. I love it even more when the little details aren’t forgotten.

See you tomorrow,