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I’m generally a pretty low-stress, calm guy. More often than not I sleep well and although I wake up with ideas that need to get out fairly often, the whole still ends up well rested. That is, unless I’m really, really excited about something. That “Christmas morning” feeling of jittery anticipation sends my already overactive mind into overdrive. There’s nothing wrong with that at all, I really enjoy it actually. However, it means that I have to make sure I’m doing something to give the resulting flood of imagination a constant outlet.


That’s usually my camera, obviously, but today that means I picked up a pen, and for the first time in a very long time…started drawing. Photography is my passion, my job and my life. Yet as much as I love it, my roots in art are a pencil and piles of sketchbooks. There’s a freedom there in placing the point on a blank page and letting the lines flow until something exists. If it sounds like I’ve missed it, I have. Still, drawing as a hobby rather than a career is a choice I’m glad I made way back when. We all need more than one way of expressing what goes on in our heads. For those of us that make a living in the arts, I think we need an outlet that is different than the one we embrace every day. It’s not a rejection of the skill that feeds us, but rather a way to keep it fresh.

See you tomorrow,