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I know I said I would come up with something special for day 100. I had a plan. It changed.

While I was sitting here last night looking through more shots I noticed something that hadn’t really occurred to me before.

As I grow and change as both a photographer and a man, many things change. My views on life, people, myself…everything changes. It’s supposed to because we should always be growing and evolving in every aspect of ourselves.

I don’t think I ever realized how it affected my work until last night. We all see things differently from each other. A person will look completely different depending on who photographs them, that is a given. I can’t really use someone else’s work on this site to show you, but I have a cool example to show you anyway.

This image was taken back in October of last year:


This image was taken two days ago:

The difference between the two images is amazing to me. The model and I have both changed and it’s blatantly obvious in the photographs.

Pretty neat I think.

Anyway, I dubbed today “house cleaning day ” so I’m going to get back to it.

Have a great night!