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Let’s go a little more “catalog” today shall we?

I know I keep posting images of Joanna. Part of the reason why is to show you the diversity that should be present in a models portfolio. The best model portfolios are the ones where the person looks completely different in every image.

Every time I’m asked to shoot for someone’s book I do my research. If they have nothing, I have a very specific assignment that I send them on before we shoot. I can tell what they should be in by looking at them, but this assignment lets me know about the core of their tastes and that is very important.

If I’m updating an existing book, I look through all of the images they have so I can identify the gaps. Often times in this case I don’t shoot for any other purpose that to give them something unlike anything they have had before.

A great portfolio can take a model from booking one job every few months, to booking one every few days.

Sure, getting a good photographer to build you a portfolio can be pricey, but it is an investment…not in something arbitrary either, it’s an investment in yourself. One that can pay you back a hundred fold.

Ask around and hire the best you can find. If you want to be a model, it starts with believing in yourself enough to take the steps you need to in order to get the best start you can.

More tomorrow,