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I wish I were a better writer. More often than not I simply have to face the fact that I have and likely always will communicate better with images than words.

I look at today’s photograph and I know that I want to give credit to Trisha and Jen for doing great work with the make-up and hair, but I can’t find the right way to describe the worth of their effort. I want to mention how much I enjoy working with someone as down to earth and just plain fun as Joanna and while I realize that I just did, it doesn’t sound the same as what I mean.

Yet you can look at the image and see exactly what I’m trying to say in how all of the parts come together to make such a simple and stunning portrait.

I’m forced to stop trying to write it all out because in my heart I know that an image is the only way I can ever say what I want to say.

I have this last part down though…

See you tomorrow,