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Let me go on and show you today’s image before I get into the glory of my day.

It’s been too long…I know you wanted to see another shot of Joanna.

You may or may not remember me mentioning the other day that I screwed up my shoulder. I took my happy broken self to the Chiropractor today, and…got nothing. The guy told me he hadn’t ever seen an AC separation that wouldn’t move. On top of that I apparently also had two dislocated/displaced ribs. The kicker of all this, is that none of it hurts.

Here is our conversation:

(Me lying face down on the back-crackin’ table)

Doc: “Does it hurt when I do this?”

Me: “Nope.”

Doc: “How about now?”

Me: “Just feels like you’re poking my back, should it?”

Doc: “Well, you have two ribs out of place.”

Me: “Can we put them back?”

Doc: “Take a deep breath in and out.”

Me: “K.”

Snap. Crackle. Pop.

Me: “Thanks.”

Overall I don’t feel any different, and everything looks the same but I took a pretty picture for you. I’m especially proud of the labeling

Be warned…

Pretty sweet huh? Let me reiterate though, I’m not in any pain so please don’t be concerned. It looks worse than it feels, and it doesn’t feel like anything beyond annoying.

Anyway…hope you had a great day, now get out there and enjoy your weekend!