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Welllll….first off, happy Mother’s Day to all of you wonderful mothers out there.

I don’t really have a good transition from that into the photo of the day…so, um…here you go!

In other news, I had to break down and go buy myself a new computer today. Not cool. Given that my comp is central to my livelihood I didn’t exactly have the time to wait and order one. That means I spent a bit more than I would have liked, but overall I think it’ll do the job. It’s the first computer I can remember having that I didn’t piece together myself…and what’s the first thing I do when I get home? Tear it apart and replace stuff.

And yes folks, that means I’m in the minority of artists cause I don’t use a mac. Don’t have anything against them, would love to own one actually. Just, like that spare cash a bit more 😉

Anyway, off to family stuff. See you tomorrow.