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Quite the eventful day over here, especially when you consider that it’s barely even started.

It’s about 4am here, and to be frank I haven’t been to sleep yet although I should be, and really want to be out like a light right now.


If you’re reading this on my actual blog, and not one of the many services that it’s fed to…you can see why already.

If you’re not, you should go check it out. I’ve finally “finished” the new look of the blog. Got rid of a bunch of features that I never updated and created something that reflects me much more accurately.

There’s a little more clicking to be done I suppose, but overall I like it. For about an hour every night of the past month I’ve been slowly whittling away at this. I’m still working on a few tweaks and only the first 30 or so posts display like they should, but I just couldn’t wait anymore to show you one of the many things I’ve been up to.

As always, good or bad, I love hearing your feedback. So let me know what you think.

I’m finally off to bed.

See you tomorrow,