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Yesterday marked the second half of my sessions with Micki Fisher, an aspiring fitness model here in KC.

So we hijacked a gym and rocked out some awesome shots.

Lot’s of photographers like to have lights upon lights and equipment out the wazoo…but for me, I love simplicity. One light, pointed in exactly the right spot can often do better than a room full of strobes. I’ve noticed lately that a lot of upcoming photographers focus on the gear rather than the craft. They buy a inordinate amount of equipment thinking that it’s the secret to becoming better. I see this and wonder why.

If you never take the time to master one light (like the sun) how can you hope to understand three of them?

I’ve gotten off track. What I really meant to talk about was how great Micki did. I think you can see that though. Stay tuned, I’ll post more from this set soon.

See you tomorrow,