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I’ve been in a philosophical mood today. Those of you that follow me on facebook or twitter have likely seen the questions posed in my updates.

Let’s let today’s image kick off the questions I’ve been asking since I woke up.

When you look at Micki in this image, what do you say to yourself?

She must have good genes…or.. She must have worked very hard

I wish I looked like that…or…I will look like that

I don’t have the time…or…I’ll make the time

I told you I’m in a questioning mood.

Why is it that we are often pessimistic at the core even as we feign optimism to the world? I find this to be true more when it relates to the self than at any other time. It’s like we speak our failures into existence. Did someone tell you that you couldn’t?

Why did you believe them?

There are positive and negative forces in each of our lives. We all know this. What I’ve noticed lately is that we each seem drawn to walk undeterred towards the negative while we shun and hide ourselves away from the good.

The internet proved this to me today.

If any of you have ever been on a forum, in a chat room, an online game, or other interaction online I can guarantee you’ve seen it too. There are not many consequences here. Online there is an anonymity you can’t get anywhere else. What do people do with that? They take the opportunity to treat each other in a way they never would in person. Without repercussion we are horrid to one another.

I could go on and on and on….but I’d much rather end today with a challenge to you.

When you wake up tomorrow, listen to that voice inside you no matter how quiet it is…you’ll have to shut your mind off. Listen to the one that says “you can do this,” “you deserve it.” The voice that tells you to dig in your pocket for the homeless man. The one that wants you to go help someone in trouble, not the want that makes you turn the other way.

Just for one day let yourself be who you deserve to be…

If you like it, maybe you’ll decide to try it out again the next day.

See you tomorrow,