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It was brought to my attention the other day that my last several posts have talked about how busy or tired I am. The question was raised “is that the message you want to send?”

I thought about this a lot today and the answer I landed on was “yes.” I’ll tell you why after today’s shot.

I don’t mind you all knowing how tired I get from time to time. It happens, but it doesn’t mean I love what I do any less. Moreover, I think the fact that I’ve been exhausted and still keeping to my commitments to myself, my clients, and the readers of this blog speaks volumes about just how much I do enjoy this.

If any of you run your own business you know how tough it can be. Why hide that under a bunch a fluff and pretend that a 16 hour shoot isn’t draining…you know?

This feels like I’m on a rant here, but oh well. It’s important to me that I’m honest with you all, even if I don’t know you directly.

Yes, I work long hours. I don’t have to, but I do.

Sometimes I go without sleep. Not because I’m an insomniac, but because I get so into my images that I forget I need to.

I suppose I could mention it less, but should I? I work hard for sure, but what I do isn’t work to me.

Every day that I have a camera in my hands is the best day of my life. If that costs me a little sleep and some exhaustion…I’ll take that anytime.

Anyway, rant over…I’m sleepy, HA!

See you tomorrow,