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Well, I said I’d have something interesting to talk about today didn’t I?

Here we go…according to National Geographic (my favorite news source outside of The Daily Show) scientists have now been able to cure monkey’s infected with the Ebola virus.

Today’s photo of Amiee Conn has nothing to do with that; however, I will pose a question to you after the shot.

Obviously the fact that they have a cure for monkeys means that we are much closer to a human cure for the scarily deadly virus. My question is…will it turn us all into zombies?

Isn’t that how it happens in the movies? Someone cures cancer but the side effect of the cure is that we all die to zombies…or vampires or something. There’s a global (or local) problem needing a solution, so some super-cool scientists poke around in the lab and BAM…zombies. Not the slow stupid ones either, we’re talkin’ “28 Days Later” zombies here. Fast. Thorough. Sharp as a tack.

Just sayin’.

There should be some preventative measure for this. Something they teach in school…

“OK kiddos, what are the steps of performing an experiment?”

1.) State the problem

2.) Develop hypothesis

3.) Gather materials

4.) Conduct experiment

5.) Load shotgun

6.) Wait 7 days for zombification

7.) Record Results

If we just got this stuff out of the way early on things would be better. Yet, I don’t remember learning the last part in school.


See you tomorrow,