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God I love photography. I also love shooting “studio” work when I’m nowhere near a studio or lighting of any kind.

Bailey Thompson for David Bickley Photography

Many photographers feel like you need lots of expensive camera gear and mountains of lighting equipment to take professional level images. Don’t get me wrong having those things makes life easier for sure, but they aren’t crucial. The sun is free, and you generally have access to it for at least 12 hours. Couple that with an old white t-shirt used as a reflector and you have plenty to work with to make a shot like the one above.

Sure, I used actual reflectors in the shot above…because I have them. Nearly anything can reflect light though so why be limited?

I was inspired by a video I saw the other day so here pretty soon I’m going to grab the crappiest digital camera I can find and show you exactly what I mean.

See you tomorrow,