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Got an early post for you all today, complete with another shot from Bailey’s session.

Bailey Thompson for David Bickley Photography

I dig the color cast on this shot. We were in a grocery store if you can believe that. She was sitting at a little table surrounded by aisles of wine. I wish I would tell you where the cast came from exactly. I know part of it was just the brown tone of the walls, table and aisles…but I’m baffled still because even with all of that every other shot came out color accurate. So, either my camera had it’s own plans or a big school bus passed by at the perfect time and jacked with the balance I had set.

Either way, it makes me happy.

Today’s sessions had to be rescheduled for Tuesday so I’m taking the opportunity to mentor a new photographer. It’ll be a blast, I love to teach.

See you tomorrow,