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So the Warrior Combine event was today…and it was great. Up until someone hurt themselves, but I’m gonna talk about something else cause injuries suck…and this just needs to be said.

Warrior Combine

On my way home from the event, I drove by a group of bikini-clad women holding up signs for a charity car wash. Being a guy, that naturally caught my attention…and I briefly considered changing course to take them up on the offer. I didn’t, but as I drove by I witnessed the ultimate in bait-and-switch advertising. Prepare to be shocked people…

If you see bikini-girls advertising a car wash…you expect them to be washing the cars too. You see Abercrombie-guys, you expect them. See what I’m saying?

The bikini-ists that I expected to see washing cars were instead replaced by Santa Claus sized men in too-small tank tops. What is this? How mad would you be? You change course, possibly altering your entire day only to be tortured with soapy beer guts.

Had I stopped, I may have cried.

Until tomorrow,