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I have to start by saying…I’m very proud to have been a part of the team we put together for this film project. Great people, great work.

Abstract Glass

Today we edited all the footage together. I took some breaks here and there from offering opinions (which are never in short supply with me) and stuff to run around with a macro lens. Thus the shot above.

I can’t show you the film yet, but after the screening (which I believe is on Wednesday) I will most certainly post it on here for you all to check out. We had some hiccups and some disagreements but overall I think it came out great, and…not only did the team vote to produce one of the ideas I came up with, but I also got to be in it. I even have a line. Hollywood here I come!

Seriously though, I can’t gush enough about how hard everyone worked. I’m beyond impressed.

See you tomorrow,