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There’s certainly lots to talk about today, and the day has barely started.

First and foremost there’s our image.

Micah Lacerte for David Bickley Photography

I thought it would be cool to show you how an image intended to be cutout for a magazine cover and promo poster looks before all of the editing starts. It all begins with the choice of the standard white or black backdrop. Sure, blue/greenscreen would work too but in my opinion that basically guarantees that the subject will need to be separated from the background, whereas black or white may continue on untouched. Here I chose black due to the chain and how annoying it would have been to have to work on each link individually.

Aside from that thought process the rest is pretty straight forward. No special artsy composition, no fancy tricks, just a solid series of easily workable images.

Now for part 2 of the day thus far.

…The short film from the 48 hour film project that I’ve been so excited to show you. Except, I’m not so excited anymore. I wasn’t happy with how it turned out. And because most all of you know me to be someone who tries to only show work I’m proud of, I’m not going to post it. Sorry to let you all down here, but it’s really better this way.

And now part 3…the really fun one.

So yeah, I was at a friend’s apartment last night watching a movie when I hear the vertical blinds rattle out in the living room. So naturally, me being me, I get up to investigate and enter the living room right as this guy is prying open the sliding glass door on the patio/balcony of this 2nd story apartment we’re in. So I move towards him, grabbing a screwdriver off the table on the way. When I ran at him, I scared him so bad he turned and jumped right off the balcony. Just leaped his brilliant self right off the 2nd story patio (which I’m sure felt great) and bolted. Anyway, once the cops showed up I helped them track him back to his place, had my friend pack a bag to stay at my place and came home at about 5am to gorge on some hamburgers…which ended up just being a couple of brats cause I was lazy and sleepy despite the adrenaline.

And that’s my Tuesday so far!

See you tomorrow,