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How about an early morning post today? What a change of pace huh?

Jeneal Stanley for David Bickley Photography

One of the downsides to being a creative person is that sometimes your mind will wake you up out of a deep and blissful sleep and force you to get up and create. That is where I’m at right now. I can’t even really say it’s a bad thing, this just means that I’m taking a nice long nap around noon after I get home from my shoot this morning.

I keep forgetting to tell you all, but a few days ago I got word that I’ve now been published on my 4th and 5th continents. This leaves South America and Antarctica before I can say that I’ve had my work on every land mass on Earth. Maybe it’s a silly goal, but I’m working my way from biggest to smallest. Meaning that I’m starting at the continental level, then countries, states and cities. In that order. The internet doesn’t count. I’m fully prepared to accept that I may never get my work to Antarctica since there’s kinda nobody living there except scientists and even then only briefly. I’m thinking I might just send them a print and call it even.

Moving on…

So here’s that article, published in FAB Magazine and distributed throughout South Africa and the UK.

Obi Obadike in FAB magazine, photographed by David Bickley

Also, Micah Lacerte (you remember him from last weeks posts) was interviewed for and a couple of my images were featured in that article as well as a brief behind the scenes video from one of our shoots. Check it out here.

Thus concludes my update at 5:30am on Friday.

See you tomorrow,