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Another image of the ever-amazing Diana Chaloux today.

Diana Chaloux for David Bickley Photography

Something happened immediately after posting this image on facebook that made me wonder a bit.

I’ve never understood why photographers will ask “what settings did you use?” In my mind the setting are overly irrelevant unless you’re in a studio where the shot is flawlessly repeatable. Outside, like today’s image, the settings of the camera are only a  small piece of the overall puzzle. To me this question signifies a person trying to figure out how the image was created so they can replicate it. I suppose that’s fine, but the question is…even if you use the exact same settings, camera, model, location, time of day, etc…can you say for certain that you would get the same shot?

I don’t think so, because you probably don’t see the world in the same way the photographer you’re trying to emulate does. So, while I have no issue answering the question, my suggestion to those that find themselves asking it is this:

Learn by doing. Take your camera out of the automatic modes and learn how to make the beast do what you want it to. Don’t try to replicate the vision of someone else. Instead, try to create your own. Not only will you be better for it as an individual, but your work will be better because it will be yours, not theirs.

I firmly believe that two people standing side by side with the exact same gear and subject will shoot a different image than each other over 90% of the time.

Rant over.

See you tomorrow,