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I was looking back through some sessions from the previous months today and as usual I ran across an image or two that I wanted to share.

Kris Conley for David Bickley Photography

This is from my set with Kris last month. I’m sure you guys remember the other images of her.

I love doing this daily post stuff, but there is a downside in the fact that I do often forget things that I wanted to show you all when I have so much new stuff coming down the pipe. In other news, I heard a rumor today that there is someone out there using my logo and stuff to represent their photo business. I can’t wait to get to the end of that story, it’ll be fun.

…but since I can address the world here, let me just get this out there:

While I’m flattered that someone would copy me to gain business…this is me asking that it stop. It’s unfair to the clients that are forced to be confused about who is who. We are in a creative industry and it doesn’t exactly make sense to be involved in this field if you have to steal to succeed. So…don’t be a tool.

And thus ends my polite little rant.

See you tomorrow,